Awesome: Stellvia of the Universe

  • Pretty much the entire final episode one big Crowning Moment of Awesome for the entire cast: the occasionally whiny Shima takes the blast aimed at her boyfriend Kouta, survives, and calmly carries on with her mission; Kouta, exhausted, frustrated, and for the first time, on the limit of his powers, stops the cosmic fracture; their True Companions come for them with reinforcements: Arisa upgrades and fixes Shima's machine in flight, Masaru gives a Do Not Adjust Your Set Patrick Stewart Speech to the entire humanity, Pierre finally starts acting badass instead of only talking cool; Ayaka and Yayoi finally come out... You get the picture. And the the whole Grand Finale is powered up by Theme Music...
    • Also, instead of standard Space Opera explosions and grand celebrations afterwards, all we get are three words: "Humanity continued on." But in that particular series, just those words are enough for the finale to be incredibly, breathtakingly awesome. Because the brilliant road to tomorrow has just been opened.