Trivia / Species

  • Doing It for the Art: MGM didn't want to shoot the nightmare train sequence, hoping to keep costs down. HR Giger financed the sequence himself, with $100,000 of his own money.
  • Fake American: British actor Ben Kingsley as American scientist Xavier Fitch.
  • Old Shame:
  • Playing Against Type: Michael Madsen, normally a villain, plays The Hero. With one particular scene establishing him as a Kindhearted Cat Lover.
  • Star-Making Role: The first movie made model Natasha Henstridge into a sex symbol in the 90s.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • An earlier draft of the script had the young Sil killing a friendly taxi driver. In order to keep the character appearing sympathetic - and to make the murder of the conductor more shocking - it was changed to a tramp attacking her and getting killed in self defence.
    • An early idea for the ending was an intense showdown in a movie theatre - where Alien would be shown in the background. In this ending military and police forces have to be called in, culminating in Laura blowing Sil's head off with a rocket launcher. The baby would crawl out of the corpse but then die in an explosion.
    • The nightmare sequence where Sil imagines herself mating with a male alien was about twenty minutes long originally, and far more graphic. HR Giger disowned the final version, feeling it was too short and poorly edited.