Trivia: Sonic Chronicles

  • Dummied Out: Farfinkle, one of the viral chao, cannot be unlocked in the Japanese version of the game. This involves a Game-Breaking Bug with it's special ability to inflict a random status effect.
  • Vapor Ware: The sequel. That is, assuming it's still in the works.
    • Screwed by the Lawyers: It's probably being held up due to the case against EA and Ken Penders, who went after them after being pointed out that the Dark Brotherhood were Expies of his Dark Legion from Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog. Which started off his rampaging litigation into taking control back of virtually every character he created for the series.
    • What's worse, Bioware seems to have completely shut down any and all handheld development that isn't part of their Jade Empire series (which also seems to be Vapor Ware after four years of no updates).