Trivia / Smash Bros Lawl

  • Approval of God: The Frollo vs. Nostalgia Critic 1-on-1 video was watched and liked by Doug Walker himself on his Facebook page.
  • Colbert Bump: Most fans of this series have probably never heard of Yume Nikki before.
  • Defictionalization: A fangame is in the works based on the series, with Chincherrinas being part of the project as well.
  • What Could Have Been: In Leonidas and Nostalgia Critic's moveset, the entire Roster minus The King, I M Meen and the already mentioned characters were silhouettes. Chincherrinas mentioned in a comment that some of those silhouettes belong to characters he thought they were good ideas at the time, but changed his mind. Some fans claim that the popular YTP character Dr. Rabbit was one of the silhouettes, but Chin hasn't confirmed anything.
    • Chincherrinas confirmed that he may have made Morshu if YTP Guy 17 didn't.
  • The Wiki Rule: Most of the Spin Offs have this. A wiki of most of the spin-offs and the main series can be found here. The main series has its own wiki here.