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Funny / Smash Bros Lawl

  • There's the look on Nostalgia Critic's face right before he saves Tommy Wiseau from being left behind in Real City.
  • On the Bicycle Tracks, while Nostalgia Critic and Madotsuki look for Irate Gamer... Tommy Wiseau goes off to follow a butterfly.
  • Luigi and Mama Luigi encounter each other, scaring one another.
  • Ganondorf's facepalm when Irate Gamer asks him for backup.
  • In one of Nicolas Cage's victory screens, he appears riding a bike and Madotsuki is in the background. That implies Nicholas Cage stole Madotsuki's bike.
    • His Final Smash is as funny as it is Awesome.
    • The same could be said for J Jonah Jameson's Final Smash.
  • When Hitler tries to teach Mary how to use the trophy-gun, she's too busy playing with it instead of listening to his instructions and ends up shooting him with it. What a kid! ...Oh Wait!
    • In the same stage, Ib traps the trophy-gun's projectile in one of her painting to protect Toon Guile. Ib then tosses it in the air as if saying "You're Welcome"
  • Irate Gamer and Best Hercules are both hilarious because of how terrible their moves are.
  • If he's too close to an edge during his own Final Smash, Weird Al will end up falling down and lose a life, cancelling his own FS!
    • His Intro was also very hilarious, especially when he asked Panty to name three people she hasn't sleeped with and she's unable to answer.
  • Just the fact that a square with a picture voiced by Solid Snake has a moveset.
  • In a poll about to decide the next character classi mode, Carlos Trejo lost to Thin Air in the playoffs. Yep Carlos is so hated that even an empty space without a character won against him.