Trivia / pop'n music

  • On the arcade versions of Pop'n Music 14 and 15, there is a Super Mario Bros. music medley available as a playable song. It's not available in the PS2 versions, for an obvious reason.
  • Mashing buttons at the ends of some songs triggers some special sound effects:
    • Chibikko Idol / "Otome Rumba": "Hanya!"
    • Gradius / "Gradius -Full Speed-": Sound effects from the arcade version of Gradius.
    • Hokuto / "Ai Wo Torimodose!": "ATATATATATATA!" "WA-TAH!"
  • Older versions would only allow you to play EX charts on extra stages. This was later relaxed so that only new songs have locked EX charts, and even then only require playing the Hyper to unlock the EX.
  • No Export for You: Only the first arcade pop'n music, an XBLA adaptation with a small number of songs and a low difficulty ceiling, and an In-Name-Only Wii version have been released outside Japan. While Round 1 locations in the US do carry pop'n cabinets, they are all running old offline versions rather than current, online-required versions. Even non-Japan Asia doesn't have access to current pop'n versions!
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume is abbreivated to just UsaNeko by fans.