Trivia: Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

  • Acting for Two: Jane's father and the first narrator are both played by the same guy.
  • Colbert Bump: The Angry Video Game Nerd's review is probably the most publicity this thing ever got.
  • Genre-Killer: If you wanna know why you don't see too many visual novels in the West, blame this game.
  • No Budget: Absolutely none.
  • Throw It In: In the 'moving' climax, the actor flubs his line, and the crew falls about laughing (which is in itself sad; it wasn't even funny). They don't bother editing this out at all.
  • Old Shame: The actress who 'played' Jane, Jeanne Basone, posted on GameFAQs, mentioning she only did the part as a favour for her friend. While she didn't remember too much about it, she did understand how bad it was upon watching it herself.
    "yes I am aware and I have been getting several emails, it was so long ago, kinda funny and lame at the same time, I have to laugh at all of us, helping our friend Michael out at the time. never thought it would ever see daylight, if you know what I mean..."
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, the "game" was supposed to be shot in live action, but due to technical reasons, it had to be reduced to a selection of still images.