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Trivia / One Life to Live

  • Actor Allusion: "David, isn't there a housewife that's desperate for you somewhere?"
  • Actor-Shared Background: Asian Blair was of Japanese and European ancestry, just like her first actress, Mia Korf.
  • Cast Incest: Inverted. Real-life siblings Kristen and Eddie Alderson play unrelated characters. A few years back, a storyline involved Eddie's Matthew having a crush on Kristen's Starr. The boy had to pretend to have a crush on his sister. Gross.
  • The Cast Showoff: Several actors on One Life to Live. For instance, the original actor who played Jessica, Erin Torpey, has a nice singing voice, so they had Jessica in a band at one point, and also had her sing on a few other occasions. Evangeline Williamson got to sing a lot in the show, because her actress Renee Goldsbury is a real life singer/song writer, and was on a Broadway musical. And Blair Cramer, is also shown singing on a number of occasions, because Kassie De Paiva is a singer and has albums out.
  • Fake American: Susan Haskell (Marty Saybrooke) and Nathan Fillion (Joey Buchanan) are Canadian.
  • Fake Nationality: German Thorsten Kaye as Irishman Patrick Thornhart.
  • The Other Darrin: Lampshaded hilariously during the Vicker Man premiere - Blair is asked how she feels about being played by an Asian-American actress in the movie; cue to the cast credits, where the actress credited as Blair is Mia Korf (the Asian-American actress who originated the role of Blair Cramer).
    • 2011's Two Todds storyline thrives off of this.
  • Real-Life Relative: Scott and his mother Lisa Evans play Oliver and Barbara Fish.
  • Romance on the Set: Susan Haskell & Thorsten Kaye, who played Marty Saybrook & Patrick Thornhart, married not long after leaving the series.