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Trivia: NES Remix
  • Flip Flop of God: When asked about making NES Remix available on the Nintendo 3DS, director Koichi Hayashida mentioned the Wii U's system power and how that factored into allowing Nintendo to more easily create the games it wanted that the 3DS's power couldn't provide. It turns out the 3DS got a version of NES Remix called Ultimate NES Remix which contained the best challenges and features of the two NES Remix games!
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Thanks to exploiters that exploited a Game Breaker to speedrun a Mario Bros. remix challenge, the first NES Remix Miiverse contest was cancelled which caused worry that Nintendo wouldn't hold any more events for NES Remix on Miiverse. Thankfully, this ended up not being the case — more challenges were in fact held, but with the added option to let players report those that were cheating in these challenges to Nintendo.

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