Trivia / MDK

  • Executive Meddling: Not with the game itself, but the toy compamy that was going to make toys didn't want the full acronym (Murder Death Kill) plastered on potential MDK toys, even though the game was marketed towards an older demographic (the game was T-rated).
  • Fan Nickname: The Grunts have been referred to as "Poopsies" by the fans.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Mission: Laguna Beach was only a short promo disc for the game and is not on any of the re-releases, so good luck finding it.
  • What Could Have Been: According to this, Overhaul Games, the guys behind MDK2 HD, actually considered giving this game the same HD treatment as its sequel, but the source code could not be found, making it impossible without recoding the game from scratch, which would most likely take up too much time for the development team.
    • As mentioned above, there were going to be MDK toys, but plans never really came to fruition.
    • A computer animated series by Mainframe Entertainment was slated, but never made.
  • Word of God: As mentioned above, Murder Death Kill IS the full acronym, according to Dave Perry, and it was on the original promo video, too.