Trivia / LEGO Island

  • Name's the Same: OGEL Island, often referred to as simply "OGEL" in LEGO Island 2, has no relation to Ogel Island (or Evil Ogel, for that matter) or to Planet Ogel from the Captain Indigo comics.
  • Talking to Himself: Several actors voice multiple characters in the first game. This leads to several Actor Allusions between characters, such as Dr. Clickitt and Ed Mail being brothers (both voiced by Frank Hausman), and the Infomaniac and Captain Click each filling the Mentor role for players (both voiced by Patrick Hagan). A shark voiced by David L. Lander comments that the Brickster reminds him of himself.
  • The Other Darrin: Across the three games of the series, not a single character retains their voice actor from one game to the next. It's particularly jarring for fans of the first game, since that game had trained professional voice actors including June Foray and David L. Lander... and they were all replaced by very generic and unprofessional voices for the sequels. Island Xtreme Stunts didn't even bother with casting voice actors who sounded anything like the original cast.
  • Stillborn Franchise: Subverted. The first LEGO Island game was intended to be the first part in a six game series, with other games exploring the other islands and areas in the Phanta Sea. However, these were all scrapped before development got far due to LEGO's firing of the development team a day before the first game's release. While of course a second game was eventually made, it wasn't quite the franchise that was originally intended to spawn out of it.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: In the second game, a cheat that supposedly gives you unlimited health has popped up around the Internet several times for some odd reason. This is blatantly false considering there is no such thing as "health" in the game, yet it just won't stay away from cheat code sites.
    • From the original, many cheat code sites say that if you beat all levels with everyone, you'll see 5 B's on the Infomaniac's map, and these will somehow lead to bonus levels. This is completely wrong. You'll never see 5 B's on the Infomaniac's map, even if you get all Red Bricks and beat the Brickster.
  • What Could Have Been...:
    • LEGO Island 2 was intended to be twice as big as what it really is. Due to its rushed production, however, much of it was scrapped and it became an Obvious Beta.
    • LEGO Interactive producer Dave Upchurch revealed some interesting background on LEGO Island 2 on his website, including a tie-in TV show and a Super Mario 64-esque platformer as potential elements of what ultimately became the game.