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Trivia: Iron Kingdoms
  • Fan Nickname: "Darth Stryker" and "Poledance Haley" for the Epic versions of two Cygnaran warcasters, and "the elf b***" or "soulless elven hooker" for the Iosan mercenary Eiryss. This particular editor refers to the Epic version of Khadoran warcaster Vladimir Tzepesci as "Captain No-Peripheral-Vision."
    • Also, Cryxian bonejacks with two feet and no arms are nicknamed "chickens," while some Dwarven warjacks with two very flat feet, no arms and a gun implanted on their backs are called "gun bunnies."
    • Gorman "Darkwing Duck" Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist.
    • Pimp Daddy Thagrosh. His nickname comes from the fact that he is the only male Warlock of the Legion of Everblight.
    • Banelord "Tartarsauce" Tartarus. Banelord Tartarsauce was so widely used among the residents of the Privateer Press Forums that new-comers would be very confused, wondering what this new model was. It became such a problem that the phrase Tartarsauce now word-filters to Tartarus.
    • "Madeleine Corb-ho" for Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan. More popularly referred to simply as "The Whore," because she will work for every WARMACHINE faction, even the Protectorate and Cryx.
    • Lich Lord Asphyxious is charmingly shortened to 'Gaspy.'
    • At least a few people online have taken to calling the Fell Caller career in the 2012 RPG "Trollvahkiin"
  • The cross compatibility of the miniture games has earned then the combined Fan name of 'warmahordes'.

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