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YMMV: Iron Kingdoms
  • Accidental Innuendo: One female warcaster, Ashlynn D'Elyse, has a spell that makes entire groups of enemies less likely to hit in melee, less capable of self-defense and completely unable to operate firearms for a time. The spell's name? Distraction.
    • Skarre, a Cryx caster that is of the all-female Satyxis race, has an ability called Great Rack, which can knock people down. She has horns, you perv.
    • Given Privateer's rather tongue-in-cheek attitude, many of these are probably not accidental.
  • Author's Saving Throw: After fan complained about Cygnar becoming a Failure Hero the Iron Kingdoms rulebook went into details about how most of its army is still intact thanks to use of Tactical Withdrawal and was planning a counter attack before the Cryx threat forced them and Khador into a Enemy Mine.
  • Canon Sue: Haley gets this flak a lot from the fan base. Stryker used to be labelled until he went Darker and Edgier
  • Character Alignment: In keeping with the setting's D&D origins, each of Immoren's gods personifies one of these.
  • Complete Monster: Toruk is the Monster Progenitor of the dragon race, although he considers his progeny the only thing that might pose a threat to him and desires to destroy them all. To accomplish this he becomes an Omnicidal Maniac against every other race. He turns a whole set of island nations into a mix of undead and mutants to serve as his army, all with the intent of slaughtering as many of the inhabitants of the mainland as possible to make a bigger army.
  • Crazy Awesome: Don't even get us started on the Crazy Awesome that goes into warjacks like the Deathjack or the Avatar of Menoth.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Lich Lord Malathrax. He's only appeared in stories that come with the books, and yet many are the fans who want him to have a model, or at the very least a picture of him so they can see what he looks like.
  • Evil Is Cool: One of the major appeals of the evil factions is that they look pretty darned cool.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Satyxis Raiders, Denegrah, Skarre, Fiona the Black, and the Witch Coven.
    • Also, every Legion Warlock besides Pimp Daddy Thagrosh.
  • Game Breaker: Lots of things, especially before the Mk. II revamp. To give some examples:
    • Flying models were especially dangerous as they could fly over enemies without fearing free-strikes. Thus you could just send a flyer behind enemy line and screw them over.
    • Legion's Incubi unit caused Fear (in that models that were not immune to Fear must pass a command check (roll low enough on two dice) or forfeit their action and flee), but they didn't start the fight on the field. Whenever one of your mooks got killed, you had the option to immediately replace it with in Incubus model. And that freshly hatched Incubus would immediately call for command check.
    • Epic Asphyxious' feat had to be nerfed twice. Let that sink into you.
  • Goddamned Bats: Whelps; they pop out of warbeasts when they take damage, blocking charge lanes and providing negatives to enemy melee attacks.
  • God-Mode Sue: Hierarch Voyle becomes one when he invades Caspia. The power goes to his head, and he's defeated by the sword carried by his Crystal Dragon Jesus.
  • Memetic Mutation: Bordering on Never Live It Down; "Play like you got a pair!" has led to people referring to over-masculine, somewhat misogynist gameplay as "the Page 5 Attitude".
  • Moral Event Horizon: The skorne, who had already been established as cruel and pain-obsessed (if not outright sadistic), were given the Agonizer, an infant pachyderm abused to the point that it's now a sore-covered walking psychic nexus of pain and torment. Opinions were divided on how tasteful this was, and even now some people are still touchy about it.
    • Goreshade smashed his soulless child to goo. His peers had an understandable Heroic BSOD before ordering him arrested.
      • His house still supported him, until they found his labs...
    • Turok, well, most anything involve Cryx has SOMEBODY crossing it, so even if it's not him, he's usually in part responsible for it.
    • Orsus crossed it when he slaughtered a surrendering garrison along with his own men when they tried to talk him out of it. Pretty much the only reason he's still in the army is because the Empress keeps him there.
  • Narm: "Lola...", Darth Stryker, Karchev falling down stairs.
  • Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize: A variant. In Longest Night, the first Iron Kingdoms product, the PCs get a description of the villain, and out of the hundreds (if not thousands) of people in the city who fit the description, figure out who the villain is solely because she's the one they happen to have (coincidentally) met.
    • Of course, it helps that out of the hundreds (if not thousands) of people in the city who fit the description, the villain turns out to be the one who has a major connection to every victim in the alleged crime they're investigating.
      • At the moment the players are supposed to start suspecting her, they don't know this. They just know she has black hair. Get her!
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Many are, but Sorscha and Epic Vlad probably go through it the most.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Warmachine Mk II is a welcome update or a D&D 4th Edition level travesty depending on who you talk to.
    • Negative opinion of Mk. II has gone WAY down since they released the officially finished rules, so you could call this case an aversion of the trope.
  • The Woobie: Subverted, You'd think Nayl would be one, considering he's a purely unemotional killer whose very existence is loathed by his people and who literally lacks a soul. But it seems he may be developing a personality, or at the very least understand the concept of Love, in terms of "Nayl Loves Learning How To Kill. Nayl Loves Killing More''. If he does develop a personality, all signs indicate that it's going to enjoy the constant carnage that defines his life soulless existence.

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