Funny / Iron Kingdoms

  • The gameplay mechanics allow this in several ways (often mixed with a Moment of Awesome):
    • A warjack can have all its armor shredded, both arms ripped off, its legs crippled and its cortex breached, but as long as it still has that one undamaged cortex box left, you can have it power attack - headbutt the enemy warcaster to death, winning you the game.
    • Throws in on themselves are oftentimes hilarious (hell, some 'jack power attacks (headbutt, trample, slam, etc.) are worth the focus for its mix of practical and funny) but it gets silly when one realizes that it is entirely possible to use Kraye, a warcaster which converts warjack movement rules from 'superheavy infantry' into cavalry, and a Cyclone heavy warjack (or any heavy warjack with two open fists, such as the Thunderhead) to make ride-by (as in drive-by, Offhand Backhand style) throws.

  • The Thunderhead. Originally designed to be a more 'subtle' warjack powered by electricity rather than coal (which is loud and belches a lot of smoke out the back of the 'jack). After years of 'spectacular failures', painstaking research and development, Sebastian Nemo instead developed a heavy warjack that could best be described as 'walking lightning storm'.

  • Some of the fluff contains this, nominally commenting on the units being described:
    • The Sentinel: "I'd give my left jewel for a pair of those." - Lieutenant Allister Caine, Cygnaran Warcaster
    • On Greygore Boomhowler: "Like a lion riding a church bell in the middle of a landslide."

  • The potential origin of the Dire Troll Blitzer. The Trollbloods faction book suggests that it started as a bit of drunken bravado among troops in the United Kriels. Which just conjures up the mental image of a bunch of trollkin with one holding a machine gun and asking one of the others to hold his beer.

  • Farrow warbeasts can eat each other to heal some damage. The name of the rule? Bacon.