Trivia: Into the Night

  • Actor Allusion: Jeff Goldblum often mentions a dislike of snakes in his roles. Here though, after Diana she can't stand them, he says "Right now a snake would be reassuring."
    • When he drives away in Jack's car, he says "Banzai."
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: if it's possible to be Trope Overdosed on a single trope, it's this film and this trope:
    • Herb (Ed's work friend) is played by Dan Aykroyd
    • Ed and Herb's boss is played by David Cronenberg
    • Colin Morris (the psychotic British hitman) is played by David Bowie
    • the doorman of the Beverly Hills Wiltshire is played by Paul Bartel
    • the nameless man who is pushed off a public phone is played by Jim Henson
      • John Landis likes to cast Frank Oz in his movies, but Oz was unavailable, so he brought in Henson. During the airport climax you can hear the PA system paging a "Frank Oskovitz", Oz's real name.
    • Monsieur Melville (French gangster and employer of Morris) is played by Roger Vadim
    • one of the four SAVAK agents pursuing Ed and Diana is played by the director, John Landis (he's the one with glasses, who never speaks)
    • The aforementioned Brother Charlie is played by D-Day.
    • Landis throws a lot of bit-part bones to his behind-the-camera buds: look for Lawrence Kasdan, Jonathan Demme, Paul Mazursky and even Amy Heckerling.
    • Carl Perkins plays Mr. Williams — rock music historians will certainly enjoy the knife fight to the death between Mr. Blue Suede Shoes and Ziggy Stardust.