Trivia: Ice Princess

  • Actor Allusion: When Casey first goes to the skating rink, she's mistaken for a spy.
  • Billing Displacement: Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Casey - you know, the main character - is billed below Joan Cusack (who for some reason gets top billing) and Kim Cattrall.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted by Michelle Trachtenberg (who was 18 during filming playing a 17-year-old). Averted to the point of being inverted by Hayden Panettiere (14 during filming... and Gen is in the same grade as Casey).
  • Hey It's That Gal!: Dawn Summers is the nerd who wants to be a skater, Jessie the cowgirl is her mother, Claire Bennet is the figure skater who wants to have a normal life (and ultimately does, and Samantha Jones is her mother. (F