Trivia / Help! I'm a Fish

  • Actor Allusion: When setting out to find the now-fish-ified kid, Professor MacKrill (Terry Jones) sings to himself that he must "find the fish."
  • Development Hell: The pilot trailer below is from 1996. The film was released in 2001. This implies that the film was almost finished before they had to start over from scratch for an unknown reason.
  • Fan Nickname: "Snapefish" for Joe, due to sharing the same voice actor (Alan Rickman).
  • Retroactive Recognition: Would you believe that Chuck is voiced by Jesse Pinkman?
  • What Could Have Been: The pilot trailer for the film showed the characters with completely different designs and names.
    • There seemed to be a cut character from the film that would have asked the protagonists to stop Joe's reign, which would've led to a scene where they use the fish potion to revert the fish back to normal.
    • Sasha is absent from the trailer, implying that she was created later.
    • In the trailer Professor MacKrill says that the potion turning people into fish is an accident, meaning that in the original story the potion had a different purpose. It was most likely meant give people fish-like capabilities but not turn them into fish entirely.