Trivia: Ghost Rider

The comic

  • Name's the Same: Initially, in the late 40s, there was a western comic book character called Ghost Rider, who later had his own Marvel published magazine in the 60s. After the introduction of the modern Ghost Rider in the 70s, the character was renamed Night Rider and then Phantom Rider - though this was after a few clumsy attempts to integrate him into the Ghost Rider mythos properly.
    • Blackout: Also the name of an insane Nova villain. That one manipulates the dark force dimension but like this one also had an Unexplained Recovery after Civil War.
    • Dan Ketch: There is also an angel under Malachi named Daniel.
    • Lucifer: The X-Men fought an alien who happened to be named Lucifer, in fact that alien is responsible for putting Charles Xavier in a wheelchair. He is a dangerous villain in his own right but not to be mistaken for the angel that started a war in heaven and is now bound in hell.

The film: