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Funny: Ghost Rider

The Comic:

  • As gruesome as the "Road to Hell" miniseries is, some of the brutality is so over the top it almost crosses the border into Narm and becomes darkly humorous. For instance, Ruth and Hoss beating the shit out of each other with LIVING SOLDIERS and some of the stuff Malachi and Daniel say to each other.
    Daniel: I wonder why so many of them turn to Satan the second they have some trouble?
    Malachi: Because they are FOOLS, the whole pathetic, stinking, lustful lot. It's like I always told you, Daniel... we should've stuck with the dinosaurs.
  • In a crossover between the two Ghost Riders and Deadpool, Deadpool is hired to kill the abusive owner of a Freak Circus. Said owner ends up possessed by a demon, forcing Deadpool and the Riders to team up. In the end, Deadpool manages to help them eliminate the demon without killing the owner... only for him to show how much of an asshole he is, causing Deadpool to kill him anyway. The Riders, having witnessed this, choose to see it as an "accident" and let Deadpool get away with it.

The film:

  • After beating a bunch of criminals to a pulp upon turning into Ghost Rider, he turns and points at the only guy in the cell that didn't try and attack him.
    Ghost Rider: YOU. INNOCENT.
    (leaves cell. Kid faints)
  • "Morning, Bonehead."
  • Roxanne in the restaurant waiting for Johnny. Among other bits, she brought a Magic 8 Ball with her.
  • The mugging victim explains that her rescuer's head was a burning skull.
    "I mean, it was an edge look, but he totally pulled it off."
    Her flame sound effects and awkward dance also qualify.
  • Ghost Rider telling the guy in the helicopter "You're pissing me off!" and the guy profusely apologizing before booking it. Mind you, the pilot is seeing his helicopter being dragged by an angry, flaming skeleton.
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