!!The comic
* NamesTheSame:
** Initially, in the late 40s, there was a western comic book character called Ghost Rider, who later had his own Marvel published magazine in the 60s. After the introduction of the modern Ghost Rider in the 70s, the character was renamed Night Rider and then Phantom Rider - though ''this'' was after a few clumsy attempts to integrate him into the Ghost Rider mythos properly.
** Blackout: Also the name of an insane Nova villain. That one manipulates the dark force dimension but like this one ''also'' had an UnexplainedRecovery after Comicbook/CivilWar.
** Dan Ketch: There is also an angel under Malachi named Daniel.
** Lucifer: The X-Men fought an alien who happened to be named Lucifer, in fact that alien is responsible for putting Charles Xavier in a wheelchair. He is a dangerous villain in his own right but not to be mistaken for the angel that started a war in heaven and is now bound in hell.
** Scarecrow: It's also the codename of an enemy of a certain [[ComicBook/{{Batman}} caped crusader]] from the [[DCComics Distinguished Competition]].
* BrokenBase: Ketch or Blaze. Most consider the Blaze era to be absurdly dated and hackneyed while the Ketch run more evergreen. Blaze fans meanwhile hate Ketch's run for being too 90s extreme (along with the taint of Howard Mackie as the creator of Ketch)
** For modern readers, Robbie Reyes vs pretty much ALL of the modern SJW pandering heroes. Most consider Reyes to be the only good diversity themed hero Marvel has put out in the last five years and are actively bitter that Reyes was sidelined due to Secret Wars and Marvel pushing America Chavez, Mockingbird, Ms Marvel, and other female heroes. Meawhile the fans of the other female centric SJW characters hate Robbie Reyes, because he's male and popular with the older fans who the Alonso/Alto Marvel regime wanted to replace.
** Jason Aaron's take on the character in the 00s. Besides furthering Garth Ennis's transplanting of Danny Ketch's visual onto Johnny Blaze, it jetisoned pretty much all existing lore from Blaze, Ketch, Zarathos, and the franchise in general and replacing it with the Black Ops Angels, conspiracies and counter conspiracies and deep cover Angels pretending to be demons and pretty much made the Ghost Rider mythos overtly complicated and convoluted.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: The entire original Ghost Rider series was reprinted in full in the black and white Essential line, but outside of a reprint mini that reprinted the last 14 issues (#68-81) and a short lived reprint book that reprinted Ghost Rider #1-12 and the Marvel Spotlight issues that introduced Ghost Rider), the series has never been reprinted in color. Further, the 90s Ghost Rider series has only received three TPBs (two collecting #1-20 and a third volume collecting the Rise of the Midnight Sun crossover, Spirits of Vengeance #1-7 and Web of Spider-Man crossover issues) out of 94 issues and several annuals. Meanwhile the Ghost Rider stories from Marvel Comics Presents that ran concurrent starting with #10 of the 90s series, have never been reprinted period.
* MissingEpisode: #94 of the original series. Due to Marvel being in dire financial straits in the mid-90s, Ghost Rider was canceled with issue #93 and the last issue placed in storage and lost for over a decade.
** Another example was the planned resolution to the 70s era story where Johnny Blaze met a guy who looked an awful lot like Jesus Christ. The original script for the finale for the storyline (which was intended to end the series) was that the man WAS Jesus and by becoming a born again Christian, Blaze would be cured of his curse. Editorial however decided to keep the series going and Tony Isabella's story rejected and replaced with the the stranger turning out to be a demon disguise as someone who looked like Jesus by coincidence.
*** There was an inventory story that was written in the early 80s before the book got canceled involving Ketch stumbling upon devil worshippers lead by a female who claimed dominion over flame as a result. The story was never published as part of the original run, but ultimately saw the light of day in the early 90s in Marvel Super Heroes Quarterly #10 (and placed in the Essential Showcase TPB between #65-66).
* ShrugOfGod: Howard Mackie's general response for who the hell the Ghost Rider bonded to Danny Ketch was supposed to be. Mackie had no real intention to reveal the identity and ended up further mudding the waters when his replacement (Ivan Valez) did.
* TakeThat: When Ghost Rider got canceled in the 90s, Howard Mackie spent an issue of Spider-Man having Ghost Rider return to his standard look (Valez had changed his costume, which was not well received) and throwing out Valez's origin for Ghost Rider (he was the spirit of Ketch and Blaze's ancestor, who was sold to the devil for having sex with a black woman).
** Another example: After Todd McFarlane did a crossover in adjectiveless Spider-Man where a now irrevocably insane Hobgoblin murdered innocent people/disfigured a kid to turn him into a goblin like creature, Howard Mackie spent two issues of Ghost Rider shitting on McFarlane's arc with a storyline where Hobgoblin kidnaps Ghost Rider's mom and doesn't kill her/have Spider-Man argue that Hobgoblin is possessed by demonic forces and tries (unsuccessfully) to get Ghost Rider to purge him of the said demonic forces.
* UrbanLegendOfZelda: It was reported in the late 00s that the lack of color reprints of Ghost Rider was due to the rise of an unstated editor at Marvel, who was a Born Again Christian and who had vowed never to allow the 70s Blaze series to be reprinted, due to the early issues featuring Satan and references to Satanism/devil worship.

!!The film:
* AwesomeDearBoy: Nicholas Cage really, really likes Ghost Rider. He even has a Ghost Rider tattoo, which had to be covered by makeup for filming for obvious reasons.
* PromotedFanboy: Nicolas Cage is a huge Comicbook/GhostRider [[OneOfUs and comic book fanboy]], who has wanted to play Ghost Rider since he got into acting. He actually has the Rider tattooed on one arm; they had to cover the tat so he could portray the role.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: The novelization ended with an explanation of how Johnny Blaze got off the murder charges, having "some hotshot New York lawyer" make a mockery of the prosecutor's case. Said lawyer was supposed to be [[Comicbook/{{Daredevil}} Matt Murdock]]. Which is almost certainly a ShoutOut to the original Ghost Rider concept. He was intended to be a Daredevil villain, but it was just too good of an idea.

* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/GregWeisman stated he had interest in creating an animated series for Ghost Rider. (They tried a BackdoorPilot for this idea in his appearance in the Creator/{{UPN}} cartoon of ''WesternAnimation/TheIncredibleHulk'', but that didn't pan out; this also forced him to be cut from appearing in ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheAnimatedSeries'', as Creator/FoxKids didn't want to promote a series on another network.)