Trivia / Fable II

  • Ascended Fanon: When demoing the co-op, a common question was "can you marry your henchman?" The developers responded that you couldn't because they simply hadn't thought of it. However it was introduced in Fable III.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor:
  • No Port For You: There's no sign of a PC version.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In one early concept, Rose was going to be the Hero of Skill.
    • The Hero's dog was going to have more advanced AI; it would diliberately target enemies that had an advantage over the current weapon that the Hero was using (for example, taking down ranged attackers when the Hero was using their melee weapon) and an injured dog would scratch at the door of any building that the Hero was in, causing people to comment negatively about the Hero not healing their dog.
    • The Hero was going to be able to actually die, and one of their children would take over instead. This was cut due to game testers having several children just so they had extra lives.
    • There were going to be trade camps that the Hero could either help or destroy. If the Hero traded in these camps, they would eventually grow into small towns. If the Hero destroyed these camps, then they would end up nothing more than ruins. It's possible that this concept was used with Westcliff and Oakfield; you have the opportunity to help Westcliff flourish by loaning money to Barnum, and Oakfield can suffer if you complete the sidequest Oakfield Massacre or don't complete the sidequest Defender of the Light.
    • The Collector's Edition of Fable II was supposed to come with a hobbe figurine and the five fate cards. However this was cancelled shortly before release.