Trivia: Electric Light Orchestra

  • Creator Backlash: Against Xanadu.
  • Creator Breakdown: Balance of Power was Jeff Lynne's way of saying "I really don't want to keep this band going anymore."
  • Creator Killer: The television broadcast of their 1978 Wembley concert, which fell victim to a horrible mixing job that makes their Xanadu soundtrack sound like the Scarface (1983) soundtrack by comparison, was most likely the beginning of the end for ELO.
  • Missing Episode: From the Secret Messages sessions came the song "Beatles Forever". It was originally slated to be released as part of the album, but it was ultimately left off when the original concept of making the album a double album was canned. Subsequent re-releases of the album have not seen it released as a bonus track and is unlikely to ever see an official release, possibly due to Jeff Lynne's later involvement in projects involving former Beatles members causing him to look back on it as an Old Shame. Bootlegs do exist, though, thanks to an ELO Fan Club Convention that played the song once for its attendees.
  • Old Shame: The soundtrack to Xanadu. Jeff Lynne eventually came to terms with that and released an album featuring some rerecorded Xanadu songs.
  • The Pete Best: Roy Wood, one of Jeff's old bandmates from their previous band The Move, who left after the first album to form Wizzard.
  • Revival by Commercialization
  • Throw It In: The lead soprano on "Rockaria!" came in too early, but Jeff Lynne found it endearing enough to keep it on the finished track.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, Secret Messages was going to be a 2-disc album including the unreleased track "Beatles Forever". However, the band was advised against it, since their record company claimed it would be too expensive to produce.

  • Hipgnosis: Did the cover art for the first two albums.
  • In 1990 Jeff Lynne finally got together with Roy Wood to write and record two songs. Though meant to be a double-sided single, they were never released. And there was much sadness.
  • ELO's primary bass player, Kelly Groucutt was involved in a short-lived project OrKestra, with Mik, before joining ELO Part II after their first LP.