Tear Jerker / Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra may be known for writing "Mr. Blue Sky", but you won't find that song here.
  • "Eldorado" is about a man who decides to stay in a fantasy world because he can't take the real world anymore.
    • "Can't Get It Out of My Head", from the same album, can make the tears rain down as well.
  • "The Way Life's Meant to Be" is a song about change, the future, and letting go of the place you once called home. In fact, the entire Time album (which is basically a story about a man taken to the future, being separated from all he loves, trying to cope with it and then being sent back so that he can make the world into a better place.)
  • Tell me you don't cry when you hear "Wild West Hero". Go on, all of you, tell me.
  • "Telephone Line" (which, admittedly, kind of straddles the line between being sad and lugubrious).
  • "Whisper in the Night", from their first album.
  • Jeff Lynne composed the instrumental "The Whale" after watching a heart-wrenching documentary about whaling.
  • "Don't Walk Away", from the soundtrack to the film Xanadu. The sound of a lover begging his girlfriend to stay with him. And also "Xanadu", the title track; not as overtly sad, but not particularly upbeat, either.
    • Similarly, "The Fall" is about the singer's shock and disbelief after a breakup.
  • And she said/"Mama, it's a hard life now you're gone..."