Trivia / Don Camillo

  • Fake Nationality: In the classic films, Italian priest Don Camillo is played by Frenchman Fernandel. Who didn't do anything to hide his Southern France accent.
  • He Also Did: The screenplay of the classic films was written by French writer Rene Barjavel, who is much more famous for written science-fiction novels.
  • What Could Have Been: Gino Cervi originally was cast as Don Camillo, but then the makers of the first film were stumped to find a good Peppone. For a time, Giovannino Guareschi considered playing the communist mayor himself (he certainly looked the part), but then someone suggested Don Camillo be played by Fernandel and the part of Peppone was given to Cervi.
    • How would a sixth movie with Fernandel have looked instead of that lackluster mess that was made instead? Word is that the movie was finished to about 80%. Alas, we might never see it...
  • Write Who You Know: A number of characters are based on people Guareschi knew; most notably Signora Cristina, the old schoolmarm, is a loving portrait of the author's mother, who was a schoolteacher herself.