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From Don Camillo

  • Peppone's face when he finds out that the child carrying a huge basket of flowers for the bishop is his son Marco.
  • Jesus scolding Don Camillo after he refuses to christen Peppone's son because they wanted to call him Libero Antonio Lenin.
    Don Camillo: Baptism is not a joke, baptism...
    Jesus: Don't try and explain baptism to me, I adopted it!
    • Don Camillo accepts that they call him Lenin... when another of the names is Camillo.
  • When the bishop's car arrives, Smilzo rushes to open and hold the door for him and Peppone kicks his shin. A minute later, the bishop stumbles and Peppone instinctively grabs his arm - only the bishop won't let him go and Peppone now has to help him walk to town. Cue Smilzo moving closer and discreetely kicking Peppone's shin.
  • Peppone and Don Camillo's speeches to their respective soccer teams before playing each other.
    Peppone: YOU MUST WIN! Or I'll break your heads!!!
    Don Camillo: I won't make any threats, I'll just say that if among you there's a rascal who doesn't play to the last drop of his blood, I'll kick his backside into dust.
  • At the procession to the river, Brusco is barely moving his hand at all as he crosses himself.
  • Don Camillo's reaction on discovering Peppone had a tank hidden away in his barn.
    Use it to take the family out on Sundays, eh?
  • The village receives a tractor from a sister city in the USSR, but it refuses to start... until Don Camillo blesses it.

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