Trivia / Dir en grey

  • Old Shame: The La:Sadie's era and Kisaki. Even the band thinks that the era is effectively a moot point by now.
  • The Pete Best: Kisaki, who didn't do too badly on his own (even being mildly successful as executive of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION) but nowhere near the level of success the rest of the band had.
  • Trolling Creator: The band can qualify as this - in that their entire aesthetic (they purposefully went Eroguro/Post-Visual to piss off image-savvy Japanese VK fans), sound (their forays into Nu Metal and Deathcore don't sell well with Western metal fans) and ideal of performance (their shocking PVs and nightmarish live shows can be seen as a middle finger to the Moral Guardians} is trolling society in general, and after a certain point, arguably trolling their own fans and the Visual/Metal fandom in general via Mind Screw and the like.
    • Pretty much the only argument for the live brickwalling is trolling fans and pissing off people with any degree of production knowledge, unless they just don't care, which in the general Japanese music scene and the metal scene, itself trolling by mocking the idea of treating live performances as Serious Business.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • In the days of the LiveJournal "hate memes," a very large portion of the participants (in fact, pretty much everyone who wasn't claiming to have left jrock entirely for Korean pop) were Dir en grey fans (and their sockpuppets) who, among other things, posted the personal information of an alleged rape victim, while questioning whether she was telling the truth, doxed and posted personal info of other people, tried to recruit others to attack or shun people at shows, and generally acted worse than most of their targets (who at worst were usually groupies or Yaoi Fangirls that had upset them online somehow, or people just judged as weird or unattractive). The rape victim incident led to the meme it was on being shut down by LiveJournal, future anon memes futilely demanding no one dox or post personal information for any reason, eventually getting shut down or banned by LJ Abuse when it happened despite the rules, and making the anon memes harder to create and participate in was probably one reason for the LiveJournal commenting system change - which also made roleplaying and the like far more difficult. While Dir en grey fans and Kpop fans weren't the sole cause of the comment system change, they likely did hold some responsibility for the sheer number of complaints the memes brought to Abuse and sometimes the legal department.
    • After a fan who contacted Kyo asking the best way to commit suicide, which Kyo took as a joke, actually killed himself, Kyo has been much more reticent about communicating with fans.