Trivia / Daikatana

The game itself:

  • The titular Daikatana takes its name from the fabled Infinity+1 Sword from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign John Carmack ran around the same time that id Software was developing Doom. As detailed in the novel Masters of Doom, John Romero's character traded a plot-vital MacGuffin, a demon-summoning tome, for the sword in question, which eventually led to a Total Party Kill as the tome was used to summon an army of demons (literally, every demon in the books, several times over) to infest the realm, leading to the destruction of humanity.
  • Creator Backlash: John Romero has nothing nice to say about the "bitch" ad that soured his relationship with gamers.
  • Creator Killer: John Romero went from industry golden boy to everyone's bitch thanks to this game, which also cut down his studio, Ion Storm. Good thing the Austin branch had a saving grace that same year...
  • Development Hell/Troubled Production: John Romero wanted to make you his bitch for Christmas 1997. Due to infighting and a mid-development engine switch, Daikatana didn't come out until May 2000. By that time, it had Half-Life to compete with. And not to mention it was released on very dated software anyways.
  • Protection from Editors: Even at a time when games typically had much smaller development teams with much more creative control, being a great game designer does not automatically make you a good project manager.
  • Rereleased for Free: John Romero has placed the (actually decent) Europe-only GBC game as a download on his website.
  • Vaporware: Daikatana was believed to be vaporware for about three years. It probably should have stayed that way.
  • What Could Have Been: A PlayStation version was cancelled during development. Probably for the better.

Proteus and Suspicious' LP of it: