Trivia / DC Nation

The Western Animation programming block

  • Adored by the Network: Teen Titans Go, owing to the network promoting it over other shows either on rerun or shows that are running as part of the same block, most notably Beware The Batman. Fan reaction has been... less than pleased.
  • Casting Gag:
  • Dueling Blocks: With Disney XD's Marvel Universe funnily enough. They lost when Cartoon Network neglected to put more support into it.
  • Invisible Advertising: While WB Animation will give press releases and preview clips to various websites and DC Comics has tie-ins published, Cartoon Network itself currently actively avoids promoting the block in any way. This is in stark contrast to, say, Level Up or Incredible Crew, which seems to get a commercial every other break. YJ and GLTAS get a single commercial of old clips saying "Next week, new episodes!" Even on the day the final episodes of both series were broadcast. Which just goes to prove that CN is being lazy and uncaring at best with the block.
    • Averted by Teen Titans Go!, only further proving that CN treats their action shows like crap.
  • Network to the Rescue: Toonami has managed to do this for Beware the Batman and the DC Nation shorts, which will now air on Saturday nights during [adult swim] hours. But it turned out to be a band-aid for a bullet wound— by the time Toonami got to the unaired episodes in the rotation, news came that Beware had been financially written off the by the network and could not longer air at all. In a last ditch effort to air all the episodes, they gave it a marathon before it was gone for good.
  • Playing Against Type: In the Doom Patrol shorts, Clancy Brown plays Negative Man, an unambiguously heroic character, and sports a much more relaxed voice as opposed to his usual baritone.
  • Screwed by the Network: After skipping the entire summer 2012 broadcast season and cutting off Young Justice mid-season, the DC Nation block for the Fall 2012 season lasted for all of two weeks. Or to be exact, two weeks and six days because the schedule was changed the night before it was to air. The block eventually resumed the following January.
    • And to add insult to injury, they didn't tell anyone. An oblivious post on the Facebook fan page asking how fans liked the block had to be taken down due to angry comments, and the creators found out about the hiatus from fans on Twitter. iTunes even put up the episodes as scheduled, and despite having extremely high sales, they were still pulled. The worst part? They didn't even give us the reason for this, just put it on hiatus again.
    • The individual programs aren't safe, either, as Green Lantern and Young Justice will be replaced instead of running them alongside the new series Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go!.
    • One of DC Nation's unfortunate consequences of appealing more to older fans and to repeatedly jerking those fans around in regards to scheduling and hiatuses is that reruns get much poorer ratings than premieres. So, of course, the much-hyped Teen Titans Go! revival is going to be airing its premieres on Tuesday nights, and only showing reruns on the actual DC Nation block.
    • Stop me if you've heard this before, but Cartoon Network has now pulled Beware the Batman from the schedule, despite the next episode being due to air. Teen Titans Go! is still safe in its Tuesday night slot.
    • Beware the Batman simply vanished from Cartoon Network completely. A DVD release let out two episodes they haven't even aired and four more came out of New Zealand. This is officially worse treatment than either YJ or GLTAS received, which were both allowed to finish out their runs after their long hiatuses. The fact that Cartoon Network is promoting the Teen Titans over Batman, one of the most popular, time-tested franchises in television programming, is... interesting, to say the least. Toonami has now picked up Beware to finish it up during [adult swim] hours.
    • The DC Nation seems to clearly dislike any of its more serious DC series, barely giving them any ad time or putting them in bad time slots, all while seem to go out of their way to promote the more kiddy based DC series. Not surprisingly, this mode of thought lead to the block being completely pulled from Cartoon Network.
    • As a final "fuck you" to Beware The Batman, it was written off financially and now even Toonami is legally prohibited from airing it. They gave it one last marathon for the unaired episodes. In a world where comic book adaptations are literally the hottest thing in entertainment today, when DC is fielding at least six different television adaptations of their properties as of this writing, plus their cinematic universe, plus Teen Titans GO!, the fact that they either could not or would not make a profit off Batman, the single best-selling comic book in the industry today and evermore, a multimedia juggernaut who's already turned in four successful television adaptations in just as many decades, is mind-boggling.