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Heartwarming: DC Nation
  • The "42 Days" Flashback. Forty-two days into sobriety, homeless, and with nowhere else to go, Roy shows up on Donna's doorstep.
    Donna: "I swear upon the Styx that I will never look upon you with hate. Nor will I leave your side if you feel in your heart I belong there."
  • Connor Hawke discovers the pictures and birth announcement that proved Ollie knew about him. He's not exactly pleased about the knowledge that Ollie had never made effort to find him, and while Ollie braces for the chewing out...
    Connor: "If I'd found this when I was a boy at the ashram, I would never have partnered up with you. If I had found this when I was the only Green Arrow, then I would have been VERY angry. But, now? ... Because of those things, I've had a chance to know you, to follow in your footsteps, to be the son of a good man. Because I didn't know, and because of those things I didn't trust, I have what I always wanted."

Cartoon Network's DC Nation
  • The part in the first Tales of Metropolis where Lois thanks Bizarro for defeating Braniac feels pretty sweet, since it marks the only time in the short when she says something nice to him.
  • The Superman 75th Anniversary short. All of it.
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