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Trivia: Corrector Yui
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Sort of... averted? The anime did have an official release on DVD by Viz Media almost a decade ago... and the DVD's can still be obtainable at very low prices from secondhand sellers... however, only 18 episodes (divided in 4 volumes) out of 52 were released. Of course, there are copies in the net of all the episodes... from Latinamerican dub, mostly (that used the English translation as a base from dubbing), or Brazilian... and probable with the original audio even... however there are no fansubs either...
    • The manga is another case too. Although the manga did have few sales, the Tokyo Pop translation is so-so and since they lost the license sometime ago WAY before closing down their American part of the company, and the five volumes of the manga can be found at almost 50 cents each (also, secondhand sellers)... there is no way legally speaking to get the second series' manga by Okamoto... Or even the 2 volumes from Asamiya's vision (that luckily only 7 chapters were scanlated... in 2010...)...
  • Names to Know in Anime: Besides the fact that some of the seiyuu cast started to be more known later (such as Hiroshi Kamiya) or were more known by 1999, Kenji Kawai is the composer of the soundtrack of the anime.
  • No Export for You: Related to the Keep Circulating the Tapes example, meanwhile the series at least got a quite reception in Latin America and Brazil by the time (however that depends on whom you ask) in earlier 2000s on TV, the same couldn't be applied to the USA. The anime could have worked so well on TV, being in that time that anime series like Card Captor Sakura or Sailor Moon were having a good reception and having it mixed with the then also recent elements of technology exposed in media like The Matrix could also have helped. Yui, being a girl who Jumped at the Call because she wanted to be a Magical Girl since she was a fan of the genre itself. However, although Viz Media announced that they were releasing the series and even announced that they had the rights to publish the Asamiya version of the manga (because they also published the Steam Detectives manga and it quite also had a nice reception), they just released 18 out of 52 episodes in DVD.
    • And then, again, the Okamoto manga suffered a bit of this too. Though fans mostly recall the manga rather than the anime, Tokyopop didn't even tried to release the second series of it (because of low sales) and it is quite hard to look around on sites to buy it.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Talking to Himself: In the LA dub this is a bit common. Eco and Reiko has the same dub actress, but barely talks to each other in scene. War Wolf and Grosser is another example, however the dub actor manages to sound different between one and another when both appear in the same scene. BUT, the two main cases with Fridge Brilliance of this are Grosser and Inukai, and Synchro and War Wolf in the Japanese version.
    • Mugihito's acting as Inukai and Grosser is synbolic since Inukai made Grosser at his own image and mind. No matter where he hides, Grosser would find Inukai... leading then to an Heroic Sacrifice of the father of ComNet and the Correctors.
    • Takashi Matsuyama started as War Wolf in the series. It is until almost the end of the season when you find out that Synchro is also War Wolf... and in fact, you listen how War Wolf is fighting to do not let Synchro returns to his own mind.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In one of the columns of opinion in Kia Asamiya's special manga, the anime series planner commented about ideas for plots that were cut due to some issues they were having, especially involving nets as a Mystery Net, and Arabian Net, a net based in the Yui's Four Panel Theater and a Future Net involving a 'Game of Life'.
    • Apparently, back in the day, Viz Media acquired the Kia Asamiya's manga rights to publish it in America.
    • Imagine this show's potiential popularity if it would have been aired on Toonami back in the early 2000's. Key Words: "would have been".

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