Trivia / Codex Alera

  • The working title of Furies of Calderon was Shepherd Boy's Fury, but Jim Butcher's marketing people made him change it.
  • The series was started by a bet: another aspiring author bet Jim Butcher that he couldn't write a good book based on a bad idea. Jim not only said he could, but allow the author to choose two bad ideas to base the series on. The other author chose Pokémon and the lost 9th Roman legion.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Ehren ex Cursori is called the Crowbegotten Batman.
    • For Lady Aquitainus Invidia we have "TEBI" – That Evil Bitch Invidia.
    • The Vord Queen has been called "HIB" – Her Imperial Bugginess.
    • The Placidas, with their resemblance to Lord and Lady Vorkosigian of their titular Vorkosigan Saga, have been nicknamed "the Vorplacidas", according to Jim.