Trivia / Clue Club

  • Acting for Two: You can hear cast members Bob Hastings, Paul Winchell, and Patricia Stich—D.D., Woofer, and Pepper respectively—playing various side characters in many episodes, including some of the prime suspects.
  • Follow the Leader: This show in its place highly follows its plots to Scooby-Doo but it subverts it in how it solves them. Where there is more emphasis on analysis and a solution without any dramatic unmasking.
    • In terms of characters, Larry is true the original Fred mold. Pepper is a Damsel in Distress and while DD looks like he is a Velma, he's only really an additional Distressed Dude who is often in the same situations as Pepper. Dotty is the smart one with the technology to counter Larry's more Sherlock Holmes deduction. Woofer and Wimper are the cowardly team pets, but they themselves do not ever talk to the humans unlike Scooby Doo.