Funny / Clue Club

  • In one episode, Woofer and Whimper scare off a bear that was giving chase by discussing how they wanted a "Nice, big, bear skin rug!"
  • Dotty's many, many excuses to join the team for the big reveal at the end of each episode, coupled with their various reactions.
    • At one point, D.D. was so impressed with Dotty's inventive excuse that he tells Pepper, "I'll trade you two brothers and a parakeet for her." Pepper agrees.
    • During a caper at the County Fare, Larry warns Dotty not to show up with the excuse that she was going to enter her chocolate fudge at the fair. So instead, she shows up to tell him that he was absolutely right, that excuse wouldn't work, and it was only fair of her to show up and admit that to him.
    • In one episode she uses the excuse that she brought a sweater for her sister. Pepper was already wearing one as part of her Limited Wardrobe.
    • On one occasion she used the excuse that she had to show Sheriff Bagley where to go. Pepper immediately points out that it's a crime scene and that Bagley has already been there before.
    • Then there was the time she tried to claim that Woofer and Whimper had laryngitis. The dogs tried to play the part, as well.
    Dotty: I think they(the dogs)have laryngitis.
    D.D.: Personally, I think she's sensational.
    Dotty:Go ahead, bark fellas.
    Woofer and Whimper: (bark weakly)
    Larry: Uh-huh. Laryngitis. Would you guys like a couple of dog biscuits?
    Woofer and Whimper: (enthusiastic barking)
    Dotty: I think it's a miracle.
  • In "The Dissolving Statue Caper", when the mystery begins, the others find Dotty to send her home. She tries to protest that she doesn't have bus fare home, at which point D.D. gives her the necessary money. She snarks, "Boy, some buddy you are."
    • In the same episode, Pepper and D.D. are running from a Monster Clown, and Pepper protests that clowns are supposed to be "Sweet and lovable and sad.", D.D. points out that this one is "Mean and hateful and mad!"
  • In one episode, the thief manages to get Pepper and D.D. sewn up in a pair of mattresses. Larry remarks, "I though you were supposed to sleep on those things, not in them." Pepper then says, "I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning."