YMMV / Clue Club

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: On at least two occasions, Woofer and Wimper have been chased by creatures with no seeming connection to the mystery. Once by a supposedly "stuffed" bear, and once by a giant monster jack-o'-lantern. On both occasions, the dogs scare off their pursuer, in the case of the bear by saying they wanted a giant bearskin rug, and in the case of the jack-o'-lantern by setting up a booth at the County Fair to make "giant pumpkin pies". Since both the bear and the jack-o'-lantern seem to understand the dogs when no one else can, and are never "unmasked" later as being involved with the villains of their respective episodes, they don't really seem to serve any purpose other than to give us funny moments with the dogs.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: As a whole, this show is held by some as the darkhorse of the Scooby-related shows. In a way, it's Scooby meets crime investigation shows.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: On two different episodes, D.D. and Pepper are chased by a Monster Clown. D.D.'s voice actor, Bob Hastings, would go on to play Commissioner Gordon in Batman: The Animated Series alongside the granddaddy of all Monster Clowns, The Joker.
  • Shipping: As per usual, Hanna Barbera kept things to subtext most of the time and it was up to fans to speculate what ships sailed and don't.
    • On this show like many there is some favoritism to the main guy and girl, so Larry and Pepper are sometimes suspected as a couple. As also maybe why Pepper is even in the Clue Club to begin with.
    • Dottie is sometimes shipped with other Hanna Barbera characters in straight or lesbian pairings. (Velma from Scooby-Doo being one of them) Even though on the show she never really gets much as of course she is a little bit younger.
    • DD is more open ended, but is one suspected might be gay and could be shipped with another male HB character. Although given how often they pair up, some may ship DD and Pepper instead.