Trivia / Centurions

  • Barbara Hambly wrote one episode, "Traitors Three".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: It took a long time for the complete series to be (legally) released on DVD. However, Warner Archive released the first five episodes in December 2011, relased 30 more episodes in July 2015, and finally completed the series in March 2016.
  • Screwed by the Network: During Centurions' original syndicated run, several local stations dropped the show after a few months due to disappointing ratings. Also, many of the stations that kept it on the air gave it a less than desirable time slot, often 6:30 AM.
  • What Could Have Been: Plenty of it. Centurions went through an extensive development process, much of which has been revealed by fans who have contacted former Kenner employees and accessed the company's archives. While the basic premise (a Power Trio of high-tech heroes representing Land, Sea, Sky vs. a Cyborg Mad Scientist and his Mecha Mooks) was always there, the two early versions were both Darker and Edgier than the final series due to being set in Bad Futures.
    • One early concept was titled Ring of Fire, named after a geographically unstable zone in the Pacific Ocean that includes a lot of volcanoes... which simultaneously erupt one day, turning "everything west of the Rockies" into "one molten mass of lava rock". Dr. Sevarodd Rom, whose research into "regenics" allowed him to survive a near-fatal plane crash by merging with "a super computer brain" called Syntax, uses this devastated area to send his bots to "destroy all life forms". Opposing him are a military "tech team" of Case Kittredge (Army), Jim Earhart (Air Force), and Awesome Aussie Dixon Brown (Navy), whose abilities have been "intensified by exo-skeletal implants" thanks to Rom's own findings.
    • The next idea was "United We Stand...". The villain (here called Half Mad) wants to steal Syntax (now a military super computer) and create "a perfect world where he would tyranically rule". To accomplish both goals, he tricks "the computer banks of the world's super powers" into launching missiles at each other; by the time anyone realizes the attacks are fake, "The War of the Continents" is already underway. Afterwards, the nations of Earth create a benevolent One World Order to prevent another war, and Max, Jake and Ace are recruited as "the 21st Centurions" to fight Half Mad's forces, resulting in a format fairly close to the actual series.
    • This page shows that many other Awesome McCoolnames were considered for the main Power Trio, as well as Doc Terror.
    • And of course, the second year of the toy line was cancelled, so the planned figures of Rex and John (plus most of the Assault Weapon Systems that were introduced in later episodes) were never made. Also, according to a 1987 Kenner Toys release sheet, if Centurions had continued, a sixth team member was "under consideration": Vic McCloud, space specialist and Ace's (previously unmentioned) brother.

Alternative Title(s): The Centurions