Trivia / Capitol Critters

  • Dueling Shows: Along with Family Dog and Fish Police, ...Critters was one of several attempts to cash in on the success of The Simpsons with a wider market of prime-time animated shows. The Simpsons slaughtered them all, and then rubbed salt in the wounds by putting tombstones of with the competing shows' names in their next "Treehouse of Horror" special.
  • Friday Night Death Slot and Screwed by the Network: ABC ran the show on Saturday nights, giving it little chance to develop a wider audience.
  • Follow the Leader: As mentioned above, the show was failed attempt to cash-in on the success of the then-new prime-time animated sitcom The Simpsons.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Fox may have let re-runs slip over to Turner/WB (as this show did air in the early days of Cartoon Network, when the channel was a 24/7/365 showcase of Hanna-Barbera animation, both popularnote  and obscure), but DVD rights apparently not so much. Even though the one that doesn't have it would probably release it if they did.