Trivia / Bubble Bobble

  • Port Overdosed: Both the original Bubble Bobble and some games in the Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move series are exceptionally widespread games, having appeared on virtually everything able to play games since their initial releases—which includes, in Bubble Bobble's case, every home computer of the 1980s.
    • In an inversion, Parasol Stars has had no ports since its original 1991 release.
  • Prop Recycling (sort of): Curiously, the bubbles around the player characters (used for level transitions) in the two games Part 2 (NES) and Part 2/Junior (Game Boy) are the same size in pixels, even though the characters themselves are of different sizes.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Bubble Symphony has a Dummied Out witch boss, a giant female Dranko on a broomstick, who doesn't appear in the final game for whatever reason. Then again, a Dranko does appear in one of the bad ending cutscenes.
    • Also, the dumped prototype of Symphony shows the game was going to use a rendition of the original Bubble Bobble theme as main theme, which got used as a "secret" theme for the Classic Mode cheat in the final version.
    • Parasol Stars almost had a Commodore 64 port, but the developer's alcoholic wife destroyed his computer and all the backups for the game in a drunken rage. Out of respect for the developer and his personal life, Ocean initially claimed his computer was stolen.