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Fridge: Bubble Bobble
Fridge Logic
  • Some media depict a darker take on the Bubble Bobble series gameplay where the bubble dragons are considered "evil" with their bubble tactics. It may also be a case of Genre Blindness, but why would the soon-to-be victims not go ahead and touch them?

Fridge Brilliance
  • Bubble Memories: At the end of the happy ending, the only reason why "History repeats itself"[1] is shown is because the local people are turned into bubble dragons by an evil force, and an island rises up from the depths of the sea [2][3][4] upon completion of Normal Mode (which are both similar to Bub/Bob having to rescue transformed people from The Alcatraz and turn them back to normal, and the three secret islands rising up when all diamonds are collected in Rainbow Islands). [5][6]

Fridge Horror
  • After one is cursed and transformed into a bubble dragon, once they touch even a little bit of fire or an energy bolt, they get engulfed immediately and incinerated into a pile of ash on the spot. This occurs even if they turn back into a human.

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