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Trivia: Booster Gold
  • When Booster died in week 20 of 52 it had been exactly 20 years since Booster first came into the DCU.
  • Writers for the comic seem to keep forgetting whether Booster was a janitor or a night watchman. In the first Booster Gold series he was a night watchman.
  • Booster was the one who named Doomsday.
  • So far Skeets has shown up with moth wings, a cowboy hat (while riding a horse) and a beret. And now a little Red Rocket Costume.

Rip's Chalkboard: 52 #6 (first appearance)
  • Dead by lead?
  • Further time is different
  • The four horsemen will end her rain?
  • He won't smell it.
  • find the last "El"
  • Sonic disrupt
  • ->Time Masters -> Time Servants
  • the reach. the reach. the reach.
  • The Tornado is in pieces.
  • Man of Steel
  • "I'm not Kryptonite"
  • it hurts to breathe.
  • 2000 years from now
  • The Scarab is Eternal?
  • Where is the Curry Heir?
  • Who is Super Nova?note 
  • Te Versus (Au + Pb)
  • Don't ask the Question. It lies.
  • Immortal Savage
  • What happened to the son of Superman?
  • Where is the Batman -> Who is the Batwoman?
  • Who is Diana Prince?
  • Secret FIVE!
  • World War III? Why? How?
  • Someone is monitoring. They see us. They see me.
  • Khimaera lives again
  • The Lazarus Pit RISES
  • When am I?
  • Others?
  • The old Gods are DEAD, the new Gods want what's left.
  • I'm supposed to be DEAD?

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #1
  • Wormholes
  • 1870
  • 1939
  • (New Earth, Earth-2)
  • 1985+2006 = why 2008???
  • New Krypton?
  • Superman & the Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Thom Kallor = traveler?
  • Power Girl: missing
  • The return of Ray Palmer
  • Beware the Red Lanterns
  • Ronnie Raymond + X = Firestorm!
  • Long live the real king
  • Darkseid R.I.P.
  • Titans Hunt II
  • Don't worry about Countdown- focus elsewhere
  • ??Who is Dr. Thirteen???

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #5
  • The Ghost Detectives have all the answers!
  • No Ray Palmer = DISASTER
  • ? Who controls the ? Wildebeest Society?
  • The Sun Devils will save us all!
  • Lightning Saga(s) strike twice???
  • 3000+8
  • Who will escape the Book of Destiny?
  • Steve is watching
  • Death of the Supermen
  • No trophy = Stephanie?
  • Who does Supernova work for?
  • Gog is dead! The age of Gog is upon us!
  • The Vigilante knows the traitor- the League does not

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #10
  • Gotham isn't safe- MIDNIGHT HAS THE HEARTS!
  • Red Lanterns = Blood
  • Who is under the MASK?
  • Trigon = Red Herring
  • The Perfect Peter Platinum isn't so perfect!!!
  • Listen to Libra
  • The Prince will fall on HIS sword
  • City of Angels > Zatara
  • Why, Captain Atom? Why?
  • Jean Paul Valley Lives! That's not him!

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #1,000,000
  • Death leads to Darkness
  • Azrael comes and goes
  • For every positive there is a negative
  • Booster Gold Armageddon 2001?!?
  • Is Dibny the key?

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #19
  • Batman and Robin aren't Batman and Robin
  • He is coming back
  • The immortals will fight side by side
  • Keep Vigilante away from the Titans
  • The equation is out there...

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #21
  • Superman 2965? Is it possible?

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #25
  • Son of Doomsday??
  • Waverider LIVES.
  • ADAM STRANGE: Last Son Of Krypton?
  • Beware the Oan effect
  • Seven Soldiers of Destruction!
  • Armageddon 2011??
  • Buy milk and toaster tarts

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #26
  • Who stole the Miracle Machine?
  • Legion of Justice
  • Codename: ASSASSIN
  • Waverider lives!
  • Magnus-Metal Men
  • SUPERIOR will come

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #27
  • Beware the Creeper?
  • When?
  • time of the Time Trapper!
  • The Henshaw Directive = Elimination

Rip's Chalkboard: Booster Gold #31
  • Darkseid's plan: what's next?
  • ...And the Lord Taketh Away...
  • -nly ZATARA can reach the POINT.
  • The Time Pool is DEADLY!!!
  • Mxyzptlk's dimension has the key
  • Look inside the suit

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