Funny / Booster Gold

  • Booster and Blue Beetle during the Past Imperfect arc. Booster leaves Beetle alone for thirty minutes, in which time Beetle manages to seduce a sorceress queen, reject her offer of marriage, and get turned into a chipmunk for the insult. And when Booster gets back they are arrested by darkstars and sent to space jail, with Chipmunk!Beetle riding on Booster's shoulder griping at him the whole way.
  • Skeets versus his own Evil Counterpart, Maximillion, and their trash talk: "I shall kill you! And then I shall brag about it to all of my robot friends!"
  • Booster getting into a drinking competition with Jonah Hex.
    • During all this, a man comes looking for payback against Hex, who's killed his brother. Hex, who is very drunk at that point, disables him with a bottle to the head. And then admits this sort of thing happens to him a lot.
  • In a picture of Michael and Michelle having a meal in front of the still-being built Eiffel Tower, Skeets is hovering nearby wearing a beret.
    • Narration on the page explains that despite his lackluster career and going down in history as a complete loser every recorded image of Booster has him smiling. The narration then speculates that this is because he's very, very dumb.
  • A team-up between Booster, Rip, Barry Allen and Wally West as Kid Flash starts because a drunk Booster (this is shortly after aforementioned drinking contest with Hex) accidentally rammed the latter two while they were time-travelling.
    • After they've started working together, Barry takes a moment to note Booster's drunkenness, and goes all PSA toward Kid Flash.