Awesome / Booster Gold

  • "Light up the whole damn sky Daniel! This one's for the blue and the gold!"
  • Booster deciding that there's never an excuse not to do the right thing and trying his absolute hardest to save Coast City.
  • Booster refusing to give up trying to save Barbara Gordon from the Joker, when he failed and nearly died every time because it was inevitable.
    • And later the reveal that Batman had the photos the entire time. He knew that some mysterious hero would try and save Barbara and when Booster first appeared Bruce realized it was Michael... but he wasn't that hero YET. So he waited. Then Bruce tells Michael that while he isn't Ted he will be there for him and encourages him to continue on his mission
  • Severing the connection between Black Lantern Ted Kord and its ring with a light gun Ted Kord designed.