Trivia: Beastie Boys

  • All-Star Cast: Their video to ''Fight For Your Right (Revisited)''.
  • Artist Existence Failure: MCA passed away in 2012 from cancer.
  • The Character Died with Him: Not long after MCA's death, various obituaries of his directorial alter-ego Nathaniel Hornblower appeared on fan websites.
  • Creator Backlash: The Beasties haven't performed "Fight For Your Right" live since 1987, think it "sucks" and are annoyed that its ironic, sarcastic nature was lost on its intended target of fratboys.
  • Development Hell: Since Ill Communication, they've sure started to take their time releasing albums.
  • Executive Meddling: After the Beasties fled to Capitol, Def Jam head Russell Simmons announced that he would assemble an album created from the band's outtakes with extra contributions by others (think Tupac Shakur's and The Notorious BIG's posthumous albums). Paul's Boutique came out first, and nothing was heard about Simmons' idea again.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The outtakes from Licensed to Ill have never been officially released, including a cover of The Beatles' "I'm Down" and a song called "The Scenario," though the latter did make a brief appearance in the Christian Slater movie Pump Up The Volume.
  • Old Shame: According to the Beasties themselves, Licensed to Ill. Their early EPs and singles also fit into this category, given that they eventually re-released them on a compilation entitled Some Old Bullshit note . They also regretted their party-boy antics when they hit it big, and cut out misogyny in their later albums.
  • One of Us: The Giant Robot-Space Monster battle in the video for "Intergalactic". They also later changed the official lyrics of "Ch-Check it Out" to use the Klingon reference from the clean version, and the music video is one giant one for Star Trek. For more, check the Shout-Out section in the Music tab.
  • Throw It In: A lot of their samples.
    • The well-known example of Rhyming with Itself in "Pass The Mic": Mike D meant to rhyme "commercial" and "rehearsal", but in the take they used on the album, he accidentally repeated himself, resulting in "Everybody's rapping like it's a commercial / Acting like life is a big commercial".
  • The Pete Best: John Berry (guitar) and Kate Schellenbach (drums) left before the band signed with Def Jam and switched from punk to rap.
  • What Could Have Been: In interviews, Mike D mentioned the idea of releasing a With Lyrics version of The Mix-Up as a companion to the instrumental one, with guest vocalists on every song. MIA and Jarvis Cocker were rumored to be among the contributors.
    • Some positive Executive Meddling occurred over the name of Licensed To Ill - the label wouldn't let them use the Intentionally Awkward Title Don't Be A Faggot. The band of course now consider this a further bit of Old Shame about that album.
    • Stories differ on who instigated it or how serious the idea was, but there was discussion about firing Mike D when they signed with Def Jam because his image wasn't as hardcore as the others.