Trivia / BattleTech

The Tabletop Game:

  • Ascended Fanon: The Deimos Clan Heavy mech was originally a non-canon mech introduced by Mektek's free re-release of MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. It was later made canonical with the release of Technical Readout 3085
  • Development Hell: Handbook: House Kurita, and to the lesser extent Interstellar Operations.
    • Here's a fun drinking game: Go to the official Battletech forums. Search for "ilClan." Take a shot every time a post asking what the progress on it is appears. Since this is a book that's been awaited for years, you may need to stop, either voluntarily or involuntarily after a short while. This may finally be subsiding as Word of God says that the reason for the delay is they're still trying to tie up loose ends and come up with a new, post-ilClan metaplot to avoid the deadly question "And Then What?".
  • Fanspeak:
    • Crappies - a slur against Capellans and in particular House Liao members that are incompetent.
    • Coring - Taking out a mech by destroying the center torso.
    • Kneecapping - defeating mechs by taking out their legs.
    • Headchopping - taking a mech by a solid hit to the head/cockpit, scoring a lethal crit on the pilot.
    • Headchopper - a weapon suited for such hits - most commonly a AC/20, but anything that can one-shot a mech with a lucky head crit may be referred to as such especially if a player is skilled enough to keep landing headshots.
    • Missile Boat - a common term for any mech configured for SRM and LRM spamming.
    • PBI - Poor Bloody Infantry, an unfortunately true turn of phrase to describe common infantry in a battlefield full of armored vehicles and huge battlemechs with intimidatingly large weapons.
    • Shield Arm - A common mech customization tactic of having one arm free of critical subsystems, so you can use it as a buffer against attacks by angling your mech to take hits there.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The reason why the Eridani Light Horse mercenaries were killed off, and in really gruesome way for that matter (Left to die in the in the crossfire of two clans). The longer version: Someone wrote a fic about the ELH backstory, and due to various circumstances, that fic was canonized by accident without paying the author. The fanfic writer sued, and the case would go on and off for nearly a decade until the developers, already wary after the Unseen debacle, decided it was not worth it and got rid of ELH. And while they were gotten rid of in the 3060s timeframe, even newer 3025-era products avoid more than token mentions of them.
  • Recursive Adaptation: The 2018 turn-based video game could be seen as a hybrid of the original 1980s board game and the series of video games spun off from it.
  • Recursive Import: The game was imported to Japan, which resulted in a Studio Nue redesign of the mechs based on Macross/Dougram designs.
    • Then came double secret recursion, when the Studio Nue designs were re-imported to the US and used to illustrate different Mechs for the Solaris VII expansion.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Thanks to some very heavy SNAFUs with the licensing, several of the original BattleMechs (based off of 'Mechs from various Japanese anime and manga, most prominently Super Dimension Fortress Macross) are now considered Unseen. Many of the designs made their way back into the canon, now sufficiently redesigned that the lawyers wouldn't pick fights over them... and then Harmony Gold, the original inciters of the litigations, went after them again anyway, resulting in more unsee-ing in some works out of an abundance of caution. (It is, however, going significantly less well for them this time around.)
  • The Wiki Rule: In full effect.
  • Trope Namers: Alpha Strike and Spheroid Dropship

The Video Game:

  • One of Us: Aside from the game being co-helmed by, y'know, Jordan Effing Weisman, a number of the Harebrained Schemes team members are longtime BattleTech fans and wanted to work on a game like this for years.
    • Chris Eck, one of the developers, began as a backer of the game who applied for an opening Harebrained had when staffing up after the Kickstarter's success. He's now one of the combat systems folks.
    • Elias Toufexis - y'know, Adam Goddamn Jensen - voices Commodore Samuel Ostergaard in the game because he was an enormous BattleTech fan as a kid and actively sought out a role in the game.

The Cartoon

  • Dueling Shows: With Exosquad; that show handily won the duel.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series was never released on VHS, let alone DVD or streaming (considering the acquisition of the Saban Entertainment library by Disney in 2001, it's likely never going to see a proper release). Episodes can be found online, but all that's available are poor-quality rips of home tapings.