Trivia / Alice Cooper

  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: In private life, Cooper is a devout Christian, and a substitute Bible Studies teacher at his local school, and a great golfer. Then he goes to work and records songs about Serial Killers. He makes it clear on many occasions that his onstage persona is a character he plays to entertain people, but that he doesn't act that way in real life. Moral Guardians frequently accused him of satanism until he made it clear he was in fact christian.
    • And boy, does he love showing off his nice side, mostly because it freaks people out more than his nasty side.
    • He's generally pretty nice in his currently running radio show.
    • This is played up in Wayne's World, where he plays himself as a highly philosophical gentleman backstage.
    • He also owns a popular family restaurant in Phoenix, AZ, infamous for its "Big Unit" two-foot-long hot dogs (named for Randy "Big Unit" Johnson of the Arizona Diamondbacks, a co-investor in the restaurant), and appeared on Man v. Food when the host did a Phoenix-themed episode. The host even referenced the "We're not worthy" Wayne's World bit when Alice brought out his food personally.
  • Missing Episode: The Flush the Fasion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin, and DaDa albums, for Alice himself. He was so deep in the throes of alcoholism in the early 80s that he says he has no memory of recording them. He sobered up for good soon after recording DaDa.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally recorded the theme song for The Man with the Golden Gun, but was dumped in favor of Lulu.
    • He had album-themed shows planned for both Goes to Hell and Welcome 2 My Nightmare ala the original Welcome to My Nightmare tour but neither panned out, the former due to illness and the latter due to lower-than-expected album sales.