Trivia / Adam-12

  • The Danza: In an episode telecast 01/14/75, Riikka Pitkonen plays a character named Riikka Kekkonen.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Season 4 episode "The Grandmothers" was directed by Ozzie Nelson, who also plays a robbery victim in one scene.
  • Fan Nickname: There is a gold Ford Mustang that frequently appears in stock footage and various outside scenes. Fans call it the "stalker Mustang", due to jokes about it/its owner following the guys.
  • Life Imitates Art: Kent McCord (Jim Reed) worked as a Los Angeles Reserve police officer later in life. Reserve police are volunteer or paid police, whose duties vary by jurisdiction. He's now retired.
  • The Other Darrin: Jean Reed was played by two different actresses, and her incarnation in season seven is practically Same Character, but Different. The decade can account for her radically different wardrobe and hairstyle choices, but also gone is the understanding Jean Reed who knew the risks and was happy anyway, until in the final episodes she almost seems to resent her husband's job.
  • Real-Life Relative: Martin Milner's son did stunt motorbike riding in one episode, and his daughter guest starred in another episode. Kent McCord's son appeared once as well. And a couple lower key ones were Tim Donnelly appearing in two episodes while his brother Dennis directed a number of episodes and Bobby Troupe guest starring while his daughter worked with the scripts.
  • Typecasting: William Boyett, who played the superior officer that Reed and Malloy reported to, played a police officer in other TV shows, including most notably Highway Patrol, and in film as well (including the 1959 driver's education film Last Clear Chance).
  • You Look Familiar: Gary Crosby was a part-time regular as Officer Ed Wells on Adam-12 and appeared in three different roles (the first time as a firefighter, the second time as a publicity-happy paramedic, the third as an animal control officer in a Poorly Disguised Pilot) in Emergency!.
  • Although Martin Milner did not get a full police funeral as Jack Webb did at his death, he was paid tribute by one of the LAPD bands playing at the funeral, and an End of Watch broadcast on the LAPD radio that can be heard here. The last line is a definite Tear Jerker. Many police officers also attended the funeral, having been inspired in their career choice by Martin's portrayal of Pete Malloy.