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Trivia: Adam-12
  • The Danza: In an episode telecast 01/14/75, Riikka Pitkonen plays a character named Riikka Kekkonen.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Season 4 episode "The Grandmothers" was directed by Ozzie Nelson, who also plays a robbery victim in one scene.
  • Fan Nickname: There is a gold Ford Mustang that frequently appears in stock footage and various outside scenes. Fans call it the "stalker Mustang", due to jokes about it/its owner following the guys.
  • Hey It's That Guy: And he's still driving a car!
    • It's Timmy's mom (she didn't fall in the well, though)!
    • Some woman stole Wally's new car just as he got back from 'Nam! Ward's gonna clobber him!
    • Buddy Sorell is a Mermaid who's heard all the jokes.
    • John Gage's girlfriend tried to get him busted for burglary and Chet Kelly was delivering pizzas.
    • Jo Anne Worley as a roller derby queen who socks it to a thief (and has the hots for Malloy).
    • Bud apparently was a welfare hustler before he started repossessing cars.
    • Jaime Sommers was flirting with Officer Reed!
    • Otter stole a horse!
    • Keith Partridge was a drug addled teen. In one episode of this show, I mean.
    • Grandma Walton helped herself to a vacationing neighbor's living room furniture.
    • Clarice Starling and her best friend got themselves stuck on the roof of their elementary school.
    • Eddie Munster was the head of a gang of child burglars (he only did it because Mother told him to).
    • Roy DiLucca saved someone from a warehouse fire after he started it while robbing the place.
    • Mr. Haney got wasted and was directing traffic in the middle of a busy intersection.
    • Some mean punks ran over Buddy Lembeck's football.
    • A vigilante private citizen thumb cuffed Victor Ehrlich for supposedly stealing a set of mag wheels.
    • Pappy Boyington became a Los Angeles County District Attorney.
    • Della Street's teenage daughter got busted for dealing drugs. Although with the right lawyer she'll probably stand a good chance of beating the rap.
    • Darrin Stephens got into a battle with his neighbor over the use of a boat. It didn't end well.
    • Frank Burns left the medical profession after the war and became an LA detective.
    • Sally Rogers thought a rattlesnake had snuck into her suitcase on a trip to Phoenix (it was an electric toothbrush).
    • Number One Son got involved in a gang war in Chinatown.
    • Principal Vernon's daughter was kidnapped (which may explain why he has no tolerance for hoodlums).
    • After missing the last train to Clarksville, Micky went to LA and wound up in a motorcycle gang.
    • Sergeant Carter was taking pictures of a naked girl out on Venice Beach (probably learned the fine art of nude photography from Hogan).
    • Jody Davis got caught buzzing around Los Angeles on a hopped up dirt bike. Mr. French should have kept a better eye on him.
    • Tom Bradford was a raving drunk, which may be why his son Tommy tried to run away to Montana in the next episode.
    • Helen Crump left Sheriff Taylor for Officer Malloy.
  • Life Imitates Art: Kent McCord (Jim Reed) worked as a Los Angeles Reserve police officer later in life. Reserve police are volunteer or paid police, whose duties vary by jurisdiction. He's now retired.
  • The Other Darrin: Jean Reed was played by two different actresses, and her incarnation in season seven is practically Same Character, But Different. The decade can account for her radically different wardrobe and hairstyle choices, but also gone is the understanding Jean Reed who knew the risks and was happy anyway, until in the final episodes she almost seems to resent her husband's job.
  • You Look Familiar: Gary Crosby was a part-time regular as Officer Ed Wells on Adam-12 and appeared in three different roles (the first time as a firefighter, the second time as a publicity-happy paramedic, the third as an animal control officer in a Poorly Disguised Pilot) in Emergency!.

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