YMMV / Adam-12

  • Anvilicious:
  • Awesome Music:
    • The theme music.
    • The occasional northern mockingbird in the background.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In "Elegy for a Pig" (the episode that paid tribute to officers killed in the line of duty) has one particular one, given the recent series of events involving police officers and relations with African-Americans. At the end of the episode, the gravesite service for Malloy's friend and fellow police officer, Tom Porter, has ended; Malloy stands there, taking stock of the situation and gives a reflection that says that — in addition to being forgotten before long, except by family, friends and his closest fellow officers — there will be no protests or marches to denounce his senseless death. Flash forward to the 2014-2016 time frame, where several police officers died in the line of duty and/or were targeted (in response to unarmed African-Americans being shot and killed during confrontations with police officers). Here, there were protests by counter-movements to the Black Lives Matter group, and others who were willing to speak out about the recent ill-relations between the two sides.
    • The case in season 2 where a creep molested and mortally injured a five-year old boy, and Reed made no bones about how pissed off he was, is harsher in light of Malloy's later Police Brutality against a child molester who hospitalized a six-year-old girl and then said she asked for it.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Not so much between Reed and Malloy. But witness Malloy's Freak Out! on Tony in "I.A.D-Blackmail". It's half Et Tu, Brute?, half Was It All a Lie?.
    • Malloy, the happy bachelor, has occasional dalliances with women but dislikes being pursued by them (though it may be down to thinking this is 'improper' or some such).
    • In the episode "Vice Versa", Malloy is jumpy and nervous when Reed does the driving. There is also this conversation in the middle of the ep: "Why don't you just relax and leave the driving to me?" "That's why I can't relax, you're doing the driving." Reed replies, "I haven't had any complaints from Jean." The Death Glare that follows is pretty epic.
  • Product Placement: It seems that about the time they started featuring American Motors Matadors as the primary squad cars, Reed and Malloy started pursuing a lot more AMC cars. Not to mention that Malloy buys an AMC Matador to replace his Mustang in season six.
  • The Scrappy: Judy, Pete's season six girlfriend. Besides the natural "he won't be single anymore" stuff, many fans either just don't like how she was written or think she was too old for Pete.
  • Shipping: A lot of Malloy/Reed, as one might expect.