The Smurfette Principle / Web Comics

  • Female characters in Drowtales heavily outweigh the male ones both in numbers and importance. This is a deliberate attempt to correct the male-heavy presentation of the Drow in the Forgotten Realms setting, despite their matriarchal society. It also easily demonstrates just how flexible female characterization can be at its best, and how unnecessary this trope tends to be.
  • Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name has an almost all-male cast. Out of half-a-dozen protagonists, only one is a girl and the another recurring woman is a villain.
  • This is lampshaded early on in the Insecticomics where Kickback claims that viewers had complained that the comic didn't have any female characters and uses this as a justification to vote to change Laserbeak's gender to female. Somehow.
  • The Order of the Stick's eponymous group consists of four males, one female, and an elf (although elves tend to have genders in this series, the androgyny of Vaarsuvius is a Running Gag). Other female characters have become prominent, notably Celia, but the six-character band has, at most, Two Girls to a Team.
  • Six Pack of Otters is something of an interesting case. We have not yet been introduced to all six of the Otters that the title implies...but of the five that we have met, four are male. And the fifth, female Otter's presence is felt mostly by the other four (male) cast-member's reaction to her: she's not unseen, but she hasn't had a whole ton of screen-time either. Made unusual because the setting is a college campus (i.e. there's no particular reason that the setting should include few females).
  • Linda Concarne is the only female regular in Triangle and Robert, a webcomic of shapes and... things. There's dozens of different characters, but only the one rectangle.
  • Terra the earthworm is introduced in 1/0 after the Interactive Author initially didn't want any female characters. He wanted his three male characters to remain romantically frustrated, but when it became clear Ho Yay would be the inevitable result, he relented and added her. To spite his characters, he made her a lesbian, so the guys would still be frustrated.
  • The primary protagonist group of 8-Bit Theater would be Fighter, Thief, Red Mage, and Black Mage, plus White Mage. Of the five, only White Mage is female, and she only shows up occasionally.