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The Chew Toy: Film
  • Beer Guy from Feast (2005). He gets digestive juice vomited on him — something that, by itself, would have eventually killed him. Later on, though, he also gruesomely gets his eyeball pulled out of its socket and suffers massive blood loss as a result, which is another thing that could have easily killed him all by itself. Despite both of these, it is getting his head bitten off that finally kills him.
  • Ed Rooney, the school director in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986), unless you find him a Designated Villain.
    • Jeanne, the sister of the protagonist, also comes across as this to modern teens as well (the ones who do actually understand the rules, anyway).
  • C-3PO from Star Wars: "It seems we are made to suffer."
  • Gedevan (the Fiddler) in Soviet cult classic Kin-dza-dza!, to the extent that "Nobody needs the Fiddler!" becomes sort of a catch phrase. All this despite, (or maybe because of), his being one of the only decent people in the whole movie.
  • Red from Pineapple Express. He takes a number of seemingly mortal wounds and appears to die at least three times, only to wake up or reappear a little later, even more grievously injured than before.
  • Ash from the Evil Dead series. In spite of his action hero transformation in the third film, he spends most of the series screaming and getting pummeled by deadites.
  • Andy, the kid from Freddy Got Fingered. In every scene he is in, he gets horrifically injured- either from Gord's antics or the hand of fate.
  • While the leads of The Hangover already go through much, Phil is the one that suffers the most in both: in the first, he's hospitalized, tased, clawed by the tiger, cracked across the face with a crowbar, is sitting on the side of the car which gets t-boned, and apparently went in altercation involving Wayne Newton. In the sequel, he goes as far as getting shot in the arm (where Phil points that while Only a Flesh Wound, a few inches to the left and he could die!).
  • Harry and Marv from the Home Alone series, especially considering all the pratfalls that Kevin subjects them to in the films' extensive climaxes.
  • Oliver Hardy was at the receiving end of most Amusing Injuries in his and Stan Laurel's films.
  • Nordberg in all three of The Naked Gun movies.

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