Tear Jerker / The Sixth Sense

  • "You were never second."
  • "Do I make...her proud?"
  • The video Cole gives to Kyra's father at her wake. It's of Kyra putting on a puppet show by herself in her room. And then, because she didn't turn the camera off, it records her mom coming in with her lunch... and then pouring a cap full of floor cleaner into her food, stirring it around, and then telling Kyra she hates when Kyra complains about it tasting weird, insinuating this has been going on for a while! Just her father's realization of seeing one of his daughter's last moments leading directly to his wife deliberately poisoning her.
    "You were keeping her sick."
    • Also, if you look closely, everyone behind him is watching.
    • One of the women discussing the situation, off-handedly mentions the little sister is getting ill too. Looks like the mom was going two for two, which means her dead big sister protected her from beyond the grave.
    • A more subtle example: right before Cole and Malcolm enter the wake, they notice a woman who is so horribly devastated by Kyra's loss- she cries so much that she becomes physically ill. Her husband asks another man for some water. The fact that the loss is that hard in her is just horribly depressing.
  • "Is Kyra coming back?" Just hearing that question from a sweet, innocent little girl is heartbreaking. Even moreso when Cole has to tell her that no, she'll never see her big sister again.
  • In a deleted scene, Cole using his toy soldiers to recreate what are clearly real stories of the ghosts he's seen, including the families they left behind. Shyamalan even says he hated to cut the scene because of how effective Osment was in it.
  • In a more meta example, the way many of the ghosts died is very tragic because they're disturbingly common. Malcolm is shot by a patient he failed to help, one woman killed herself as an alternative to living with her abusive husband, another is killed in a traffic accident, a boy accidentally shot himself while playing with his dad's guns...