Tearjerker: Heat

  • Charlene, without a word, warning Chris to stay away, and in essence saying goodbye to him forever.
  • Also, Neil abandoning Eady when he sees Vincent coming after him.
  • Hanna holding Neil's hand as he dies.
  • Lauren's attempted suicide in Vincent's hotel room.
  • Hanna is called to a murder committed by Waingro. He is exasperated dealing with the reaction of the dead girl's mother.
  • Neil attempting to comfort a critically wounded and emotionally distraught Trejo before giving him a mercy kill.
  • Det. Hanna and Justine comforting each other after Lauren's suicide attempt. They manage to reconcile after their previous fight, all the while admitting that their marriage won't work.
  • Many of the casualties in the climactic bank heist. Seeing Bosko get taken out is particularly startling.
  • The poor, poor armored truck operators in the beginning. Especially the one who infuriates Waingro, his terrified expression makes you feel horrible when they are murdered needlessly.