Tearjerker: Heat

  • Charlene, without a word, warning Chris to stay away, and in essence saying goodbye to him forever.
  • Also, Neil abandoning Eady when he sees Vincent coming after him.
  • Hanna holding Neil's hand as he dies.
  • Lauren's attempted suicide in Vincent's hotel room.
  • Hanna is called to a murder committed by Waingro. He is exasperated dealing with the reaction of the dead girl's mother.
  • Neil attempting to comfort a critically wounded and emotionally distraught Trejo before giving him a mercy kill.
  • Det. Hanna and Justine comforting each other after Lauren's suicide attempt. They manage to reconcile after their previous fight, all the while admitting that their marriage won't work.
  • Many of the casualties in the climactic bank heist. Seeing Bosko get taken out with a bullet to the neck (one part of his body that's not protected by his Kevlar) is particularly startling.
  • The guards killed in the armored car robbery. Especially the one who infuriates Waingro, his terrified expression makes you feel horrible when Waingro shoots him in the face and this forces Neil to execute the second guard, and Cheritto to kill the third guard.